Sunday, March 19, 2017

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12:00 PM - 12:40 PM Pillars of Transformation: How Insight, Innovation and Collaboration Is Increasing Customer Satisfaction, Engagement & Results

Patty Toth , Global Head of Customer Service, Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk operates in a global, fast-paced and highly complex business environment. Given the changing economic and regulatory climate, their customers are constantly adapting how they work, and as such, Service needs to change and transform to continuously provide the end to end service experience their customers need to be successful. Their journey to transform Service is guided by customer insight and grounded in performance data and direct feedback. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how the Thomson Reuters service transformation is guided by their customers and how people, collaboration and technology are the core levers required to move their center forward.
· Hear what it took to achieve double digit improvements in customer satisfaction and significant improvement in accessibility to support
· Improve employee engagement and customer perception of agent knowledge
· Hear about the use of a state of the art CRM platform and solid technology foundation which is being used to build innovation, customer centric service solutions for the future


Patty Toth

Global Head of Customer Service
Thomson Reuters

12:40 PM - 1:20 PM Building The Plane As We Fly It: Customer Care From The Ground Up

Anna Elwood, Vice President, Operations, Zocdoc
Designing and building an effective customer care strategy is essential to the growth of your business. After all, the service you provide to your customers is your last competitive differentiator! The strategy you build defines the standards of care and service that you offer customers and sets the requirements for meeting those standards. Today, with rapidly changing technology, increasing customer demands, a desire for customers to “own” their own experience, and the introduction of new service channels, your strategy must also be built with agility if you are to cope with the roller coaster ahead of you!
Meet Zocdoc, a tech company that is changing the way consumers interact with their healthcare. and it’s Supported by exceptional customer service, the leading digital health marketplace delivers a seamless healthcare experience to millions of patients each month. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how Zocdoc continues to exceed customer expectations, despite a rapidly growing business in an industry that is highly complex.
-Develop a vision for the standard of care your company will deliver
-Establish how customers perceive the standards of care your company currently offers
-Identify the business processes that impact customer satisfaction and set out a framework for improving performance in critical areas of customer care
-Expand your customer experience training and boost agent’s morale


Anna Elwood

Vice President, Operations

1:20 PM - 1:50 PM Business Meeting

1:50 PM - 2:20 PM Business Meeting

2:20 PM - 2:40 PM Networking Break

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A: Designing A Career Path for Customer Service
Often Customer Service Representatives view their role as having limited growth potential. Unless a higher level positions opens up, there is little to no opportunity to learn something new. During this roundtable session learn how Celgene Customer Care developed a cross-functional career path for their Customer Care Representatives that also supports the business needs of the department. Cathy Marino, Director, Customer Care will share the steps taken to evaluate the business needs of the department, assess the skills of the frontline staff, and align the two for a win-win solution.
Led By: Celgene

B: Journey Mapping: Beyond the Concept - Are There Themes We Can Take Away? % of Waste, Buy-In to the Process?
The value of the customer journey map is that they help every employee understand the customers’ primary objectives and provide simple customer focused frameworks for the organization. Customers value transparency when they contact a service provider and journey mapping ensures there’s a level of transparency in the customer experience. When employees keep the customer journey in mind for each operational decision it improves the company’s ability to collaborate across silos to improve customers experience, reduce the customer and companies efforts and minimize problems. The employee engagement level heightens in working toward Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort score significantly as they feel increased ownership and knowledge into the process improvement exercise to solve the customers’ reason for contact. During this roundtable attendees will review the metrics that improve performance including; customer effort, NPS, first contact resolution, regulatory complaints, customer attrition and employee engagement and discuss the phases to a successful customer journey including; preparation, mapping and validation and development
Led By: MONI Smart Security

C: Using Data Analytics To Convert Contact Centers Into Insight Centers
Learn how data analytics can support sweeping changes in customer contact through its ability to rapidly extract valuable customer data that can be used to improve interactions. This roundtable will share examples on how speech analytics is taking one organization to the next level of excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your workforce performance management and customer experience using analytics
Led By: Erie Insurance Group

D: Improving the Brand By Driving Consistent Customer Care
Curious to learn brand-building strategies that you can implement within your contact center? During this roundtable attendees will learn how the contact center can be a powerful source for supporting the customer experience that builds brand loyalty and engagement. Examples will be shared on how to create the experience as opposed to letting it create itself, how do you train agents on conveying the brand's primary messages or principles and how to ensure the brand isn't diluted by unintentional messages.


Cathy Marino

Director, Customer Care

David Russo

Senior Vice President, Service Operations & Support
Erie Insurance Group

Jay Autrey

Chief Customer Officer
MONI Smart Security

Jay Autrey

Chief Customer Officer
MONI Smart Security


3:25 PM - 4:10 PM The Rise of Next Generation Contact Centers: Go Digital, Or Go Nowhere!

Today, superior brand interactions mean fast, smooth and personalized services for customers – on their terms. To meet this demand, organizations need to move beyond a traditional contact center and build a customer experience management (CXM) center. Learn how Tata Communications is delivering this superior customer experience using a holistic suite of video, voice, IM and co-browsing applications for real-time omnichannel transactions. We’ll discuss customer scenarios like the cloud-based end-to-end banking contact center solution in use today at the State Bank of India, the country’s largest public sector bank. The benefits realized by the Bank include….
  • A complete cloud-based contact center - delivered in 90 days!
  • 200 high-net-worth individuals became new bank customers within the first month
  • Customers receive a true omnichannel experience using smart devices from anywhere

Sponsored by: Tata Communications America Inc.


3:25 PM - 4:10 PM How Does Messaging Fit Into Your Omni-Channel Strategy?

As consumers increasingly prefer to communicate with their thumbs, reaching out to companies through social media and text messaging, it is incumbent upon contact center strategists to accommodate those preferences. Customers expect a seamless experience whether communicating through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or text messaging.
This Omni-channel environment makes it easier for the customer to contact the company at their convenience, but once the inbound request has been received, the company must route the consumer to the source of their solution in a seamless manner.
The customer's messaging data must flow throughout their communication experience and the agent or agents handing the customer must have access to all of the available tools to ensure a high quality customer experience regardless of the source of the initiation of the contact.
In this interactive session we will discuss and share best practices for integrating messaging into the Omni-channel communication strategy to successfully meet your objectives to allow your customers to communicate with your company by whatever method they choose including:

  • Single threaded message handling
  • Balancing staffing
  • Challenges in routing communications
  • Establishing comprehensive integration tools

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4:10 PM - 4:40 PM Business Meeting

4:40 PM - 5:10 PM Business Meeting

5:10 PM - 5:25 PM Recharge Break

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Master Class

5:30 PM - 6:15 PM Language Solutions: Enhancing the Customer Experience of a Diverse Client Base

Contact centers are no stranger to the incorporation of interpreting services into their customer care.
Today in the United States, one in every five people speaks a language other than English, and studies have shown that more than half of those prefer only to access services in their native tongue. In this interactive session, attendees will discuss the different types of interpreting services and the differentiating factors among them. The focus will be on how to best leverage language solutions to minimize cost and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Discuss the benefits of the independent contractor model and having a geographically diverse interpreter base
  • Examine the elements involved in ensuring instant scalability for handling large spikes in LEP (Limited English Proficient) call volume
  • Address the key variables for consideration when ensuring compliance across various industries

Sponsored by: Certified Languages International


5:30 PM - 6:15 PM 2017 Contact Center Research Highlights

Technologies that support contact centers continue to evolve at an increasing rate. As the technology evolves, so does the demand for ever newer functionality by contact center leaders. West recently commissioned surveys and focus groups to better understand what emerging capabilities are most important to the contact centers of 2017 and beyond. During this session attendees will take away the following:
· Learn what the most desired emerging technologies will include in the near term
· Develop common definitions for these emerging technologies and learn how to decipher marketing hype
· Discover how clients are deploying these new technologies to address their biggest challenges

Sponsored by: West

6:15 PM - 6:55 PM Panel: The Contact Center of the Future: Re-Visiting World Class Customer Service With Disruptive Technology

Patty Toth , Global Head of Customer Service, Thomson Reuters Rahul Magan , Senior Vice President, Customer Service , MetLife
The word "disruption" has become quite popular in the Customer Care Industry...and for good reason. Technology is no longer a barrier to innovation. Millennials demand value. Low-value service will be automated and replaced by self-service capabilities. By 2020, omnichannel and multichannel won't even matter. So what's next? During this panel discussion attendees will discuss and debate the future of service.
  • How does today's connected customer want to be served?
  • What does it mean to remove barriers to value for digital service and support?
  • What are some best practices for digital engagement?
  • What is the future of voice in a digital world? Will the millennial generation flip 100% to text and online?
  • How is technology enabling disruption and do we see it as an threat, opportunity, or both?
Now that multichannel is in full-swing and has become mainstream, what are the next steps for your contact center technology roadmap? How fast until Artificial Intelligence becomes a reality?
  • How will your hiring practices shift as a result of advanced channel offerings?
  • Define artificial intelligence and highlight how it can be applied in a contact center setting. Will AI change the need for physical contact centers alltogether?
  • How are you re-humanizing customer care in a connected world?
  • What are some best practices for obtaining greater ROI from existing tools?


Patty Toth

Global Head of Customer Service
Thomson Reuters

Rahul Magan

Senior Vice President, Customer Service

6:55 PM - 7:25 PM Cocktail Reception